Child Healed from Floppy Baby Syndrome with Chiropractic Care!

Hypotonia, commonly known as floppy baby syndrome, is a condition of the neuromuscular connection. It is often described as a problem where the child or infant’s muscles are unable to maintain strength and are “weak.” This explanation often leads parents to believe that the baby simply has underdeveloped muscles when, what is truly happening is, the child’s body is unable to transmit adequate nerve impulses to maintain strong contraction and coordination of the muscles. I will explain more in another video.(video coming soon)

Cabren struggled very early on in his life. He wasn’t able to do normal baby things such as roll over, have tummy time and was constantly constipated. He is now almost 2 and didn’t start walking until after he began getting adjusted. His parents were hopeless before they came to our office. With a treatment strategy focused on correction of subluxations within the boys spine to remove interference to the boys nervous system, his body has been able to heal! His muscles have now begun to receive greater nerve impulse, coordinate balance, and improve their strength/tension and develop far faster.

Cabren is now happy, healthy, walking and talking! We thank the good Lord for the power of healing within each of us that flows through our nervous system, running and controlling every system of our body, including Cabren’s muscles!

If your child suffers from floppy baby syndrome(Hypotonia), we encourage you to give chiropractic care a chance. It is Dr. Dale’s prayer that everyone lives a long and healthy life.

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