Natural Remedy for Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms, Part 2

Natural Remedy for Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms, Part 2

From insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches, muscle cramps, pain, stomach cramps and more, this wild remedy packs a punch against the devastating symptoms of opiate withdrawal.

The opioid drug epidemic has taken and devastated thousands of lives. Often times, medicine only offers another drug to treat opiate dependency or addiction. But there is a natural plant-based remedy that many have never heard of. It’s backed by scientific research and proven safe and effective for many different things.

Passionflower may be the answer someone is looking for to help them overcome an opiate addiction or dependency by helping them through their withdrawal symptoms.

Scientific name: Passiflora incarnata

I would rather see people find healing in a natural plant-based medicine than have to turn back to the drug companies who have caused this serious epidemic of drug addiction. Please join me in spreading the word about this powerful wild remedy!

Passionflower in the treatment of opiates withdrawal: a double-blind randomized controlled trial.

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