Polio Vaccine Causes More Paralysis in India

wheelchair on stormy beach

Did the polio vaccine eliminate polio? Well… Yes and no. It did stop doctors from diagnosing people with “polio” but it hasn’t stopped paralysis. So are we looking to stop a diagnosis or stop children from being paralyzed?

The polio vaccine is widely touted as one of the “great achievements of modern medicine.” You will see over and over in mainstream media/TV etc. that the polio vaccine eradicated polio. But when you actually look at the number of children in hospital beds, in wheel chairs, and on ventilators etc. So in the end, what has the polio vaccine really done?

In this video, I unleash the truth regarding the polio vaccine and how the research shows it is causing skyrocketing increases of paralysis and doctors are simply renaming polio as “non-polio acute flaccid paralysis.”

In the end, what have we done if all we have done is eliminated a diagnosis but not illness and suffering?


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