Health Benefits of Wild Ginseng and Oyster Mushrooms

This week’s Wilderness Remedy – Oyster Mushrooms

Highly medicinal and anti-microbial, oyster mushrooms should be a staple of your diet. It’s easy to add some to a salad or burger.

Show Notes

2:50 Do you believe that God provides us with everything we need/needed?
4:35 Health Care system studies plants beneficial in preventing heart disease, plaque in your arteries.
5:20 Ginseng has been studied related to Breast Cancer survival – lower mortality rates. Ginseng and mushrooms do both.
6:00 Mushrooms such as chicken of the woods, reishi, turkey tail, and tinctures (tea), can prevent viral replication, can kill the cells that infect the body.

You can start to identify mushrooms with this reference book

13:00 Toronto-area mother launches flu vaccine campaign after toddler’s death
28:00 Some testing for cancer and cardiovascular disease actually cause health problems
28:30 Cleveland clinic says you can reverse cancer with a plant based diet
31:38 DEA Kratom ban – 40 million people use kratom tea to treat pain, to get off meds
36:16 Hillary Clinton receives more money than almost all of the others combined from the pharmaceutical industry.
38:00 25% of our GDP is going toward disease care. No caps on drug prices. Hep C treatment is $1,000/pill when black walnut hull cleanses the blood.
39:00 Reishi mushroom cleanses the liver, helps the virus not spread.
45:00 11-hour car ride, zero pain even with RA
50:00 With osteoarthritis, the spine is out of alignment, through chiropractic care restore fluidity to the spine and brain.
51:00 YOGA – they have great range of motion, but there are one or two segments that are locked down or deteriorated.
52:55 JAMA article about infectious disease mortality rates.