Happy patients share their stories
New Outlook on Life

Before starting care at Marathon Chiropractic, I had all over body pain due to fibromyalgia, my hips hurt so bad I couldn’t walk without limping and being in extreme pain. Some days my husband would have to pull me up out of bed because of the pain. I had pain in my lower back & neck, high blood pressure & being treated for depression. I was very forgetful. I couldn’t concentrate on one thing or finish a task I began. I also had essential tremors and panic attacks.
I was taking medication for my blood pressure and pain pills for my back and neck. Taking these would often cause drowsiness, fatigue, nervousness, and nausea.
I met the staff of Marathon Chiropractic at an event I was working at the “Taste of Holiday” event in September 2013. Eventually, throughout the day my expression showed how much pain I was in. I decided to make an appointment and begin care. Since then, I am no longer taking my blood pressure medicine and reducing my other medications as tolerated. I can now walk without having any hip pain and my neck feels good. In addition, I am eating healthier and have lost several pounds.
This has definitely been a learning experience. I didn’t realize what I was doing to my body, let alone my life. Unlike the chiropractor I’ve seen before, Dr. Dale treats your whole body and not just your back. Dr. Dale and his staff are very supportive and caring. They are very knowledgeable and willing to take the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have. A former chiropractor I went to told me there was nothing else that could be done for me. Dr. Dale has proven him wrong. (Donna B.)

Carpal tunnel surgery cost him his job

I had a burning sensation in my wrist also known as carpal tunnel. I had 11 major surgeries since 1995 to try and solve this problem. Doctors performed several surgeries to move my nerves around in my wrist, elbow, and shoulder. They also shaved down my wrist bone and reconstructed it to try and relieve the sensation. My wrist was no longer able to move from the surgery, so I had to learn to write with my opposite hand and was also told I would never be able to ride my motorcycle again. The burning sensation never went away despite all the surgeries. I also lost my job because I could no longer perform my duties. Since receiving chiropractic care at Dr. Dale’s office, I have learned that the deterioration in my neck is ultimately what caused the pain in my wrist. Although the burning sensation has not fully subsided since being adjusted, I am able to use my arm much better than before I was receiving care and can ride my motorcycle again. If I had received adjustments to correct the misalignments in my spine prior to my diagnosis, I would have never had to have had those surgeries. The surgeons never once looked at my neck as the root cause of the problem. (James B.)

More power to the Power-lifter!

Amy suffered from lower back pain and struggled with her fitness routine. After being adjusted, she can now squat 292 pounds, bench press 168 pounds & almost deadlift 300 pounds. She recently took 1st place in a competition within her weight class!

Baby's doctors amazed at progress

So before our foster child was brought to Marathon Chiropractic, he had suffered from a significant amount of abuse and neglect. He was born at 33 weeks, so he had that going against him as well. He was brought into our home when he was 3 months old. He was in a neck collar. His eyes were way out of focus and we were told that he was blind. He also suffered from seizures due to his past and we were told that he wasn’t able to hear very well. We took him in, knowing that faith in God, love, and the right kind of care, he would overcome all of his health problems. The doctors told us that he would have to wear the neck collar for several months and for anyone that has experienced a neck collar, can say with me that they are no fun!
We brought him in to see Dr. Dale about a month after we got him. His neck was like a newborn’s neck. He was 4 months old and developmentally-wise like a newborn. He received his first adjustment and was out of the neck collar soon after that – 1 MONTH after we got him, the neck collar was gone, not 6 MONTHS later. He started holding his head up with help after a couple more adjustments. The Drs. that saw him when he was released from the hospital and then saw him on his follow-up appointments were amazed at the progress that he had made. He was on an acid-reflux medication that was causing him to be really drowsy. We asked the doctor if he could be taken off of it because his acid- reflux was better and we didn’t think it was necessary for him to take it anymore. They agreed and all he is taking now are the seizure medications, which he is being weaned off of as well.

We started coming to Marathon Chiropractic because our church referred us there after I (the foster mom) fell down about 20 stairs and my husband had broken his back while serving in the military. Dr. Dale changed our lives, so we thought, Why not bring our foster baby in for help as well?
We have had him for 6 months now, and he is sitting up, holding his bottle, rolling from front to back, back to front, and reaching for things. His eyesight is better than it was because he can follow you across a room. His hearing is excellent as his dr. has said, and he is only a month behind instead of 2. After each adjustment, he seems happy and observant. That to us is very encouraging!
When telling people about chiropractic, I tell them some of what our foster baby has been through and then tell them through faith in God, Dr. Dale and his wonderful staff, it is possible to get your life back.

Soldier standing tall and getting stronger

Before I learned about Dr. Dale, I had struggled in everything I did. My neck was always stiff and my lower back was a mess. Sleeping, sitting and even standing was enough to make me miserable every minute of every day. I am active military so that was extremely tough for me. Constant irregular bowel movements didn’t help either. After meeting Dr. Dale and receiving continuous care, my neck pain is bearable; the difference in the pain in my lower back is like day and night. My posture has improved and I can now complete daily tasks without being in constant pain. I am thankful for Dr. Dale because I now have a doctor that cares, and is willing to help me improve. (Heath O.)

More energy, Less Pain, Better Sleep

Before coming to Marathon Chiropractic, I was having migraines several times a week for the past year. I had insomnia, diarrhea daily after meals, weakness, back pain and rapid heart-beats. Since getting adjusted I have not had any migraines after the second week of treatment. My neck and back pain and diarrhea have improved greatly. Also, my energy level and insomnia are much better. I have not had to take a migraine pill in the last 2 weeks and I can now have busy days and not have to go home and go straight to bed. It’s so nice to know there is help by getting adjusted instead of having to take any prescription medications. (Gretia D.)

ASD, SPD, Mood Disorder and Learning Disorder

I have been meaning to post an update… I keep getting busy…
Connor, my 8-year-old, with ASD, SPD, Mood Disorder and Learning Disorder, started seeing Dr. Dale Brown.
Connor was a very angry kid, he always escalated from happy to mad in a second, and he is a very high sensory seeking kid, always touching things… He had very hard to understand language at age 4. Never liked to be cuddled, never liked to be touch, never liked to be around others. He never played with other kids (other than his brother) until he was 6.
The very first thing we noticed after his first adjustment is that Connor wasn’t bobbing back and forth in the seat of the car on the way home. Normally he rocks back and forth on his hands from seat to seat. Say he is sitting in the middle with hands out to both sides and just goes back and forth. Well, he stopped doing that! We also went to a restaurant and for the first time ever he was able to sit and finish his meal. YEP! Finish his meal before he got up. Usually, he would have every excuse to get up and often he eats standing by the table just for the movement. Well, that is gone.
The other biggest improvement is his overall mood! I took Connor off all oils before he started with the adjustments. I wanted to see what was working best. So I made him a guinea pig. His mood is typically a lot better, he still has issues with his brothers but I believe this is just because he is used to acting “harshly” towards his brothers, and it is something we have been working on for many years!
I can’t really tell you how he is doing at school as of yet, it was a smooth transition into the new school year, which was a first and it has been a smooth flowing year so far. He struggles at school, mainly with others around him. As well have his learning issues. We also discovered thanks to the recommendation of Dr. Shawn Stewart that he does have a significant eye problem. He has no visionary field. We took out a loan to pay for the vision therapy that Tricare refuses to pay for.
Next! I walked in with Connor for his adjustment one day and I asked Dale if he could please adjust our youngest that is just like his brother. Dawson is 21 months old, in early intervention, speech, and OT. We see a lot of Connor in Dawson and wanted to get him early care since we were not aware of these things when Connor was younger. Anyways back to my story…
I asked Dale to please adjust Dawson that he had been constipated for a week and we had to help release his poop that was being compacted. It was awful. Dr. Dale agreed without hesitation. I don’t know if he saw the desperation in my worn out self or not but I was desperate. He didn’t have a bowel movement that day, as he usually only goes once a day, but the next day he did… He passed the harder stool and then had happy poo!
The thing that was most amazing about Dawson is that he cries MOST of the day! He was pretty much non-verbal unless I applied the DDR oil on him. After his first adjustment, this little guy that had NOTHING to say started jabbering! He was LOUD! We were eating at a restaurant and he was interacting with the waiter, which would have never happened before. He typically looked away or put his head down like he was embarrassed/shy. However, this time, he was playing Marco–Polo with the waiter, a game we play with our older boys at stores. He just busted out with his MARCO. When I say LOUD I mean LOUD he was SO LOUD! Everyone was staring and as much as we wanted to tell him to HUSH we wanted him to talk and interact even more.
Dawson’s early interventions lady had just brought us this big foam roller, that he would crawl into and I would spin him as fast as I could across my living room. The idea was for him to bounce off my couch to get his “high sensory” needs met. Dawson loved this foam roller; it was the first time that we ever succeeded at meeting his sensory needs. We would also stick my 3-year-old in the roller and steamroll Dawson on the floor. We also learned that he liked to be rolled up into his blanket tightly and then ROLLED out at full force. Again this is the ONLY way we got his sensory needs met. He constantly wanted to be flipping, he would wear me out. I would be so sore from flipping him all day that I wasn’t worth a crap when my husband got home from work.
Dr. Dale started adjusting Dawson and his whole little life changed!
He talks!
He makes animal sounds!
He tries to tell us what he wants.
I was finally able to take his bottle away as he wouldn’t even start to drink out of a sippy before.
He is NO longer high sensory seeking and hasn’t been in that roller since then.
He no longer slams himself into the couch over and over.
He no longer needs to flip 5 million times a day.
His OT noticed that his “touch” sensory issues CHANGED,
His Early Intervention lady quoted that he was a new kid. Said it was her first appointment that he was flying into the couch before she left.
He eats foods that he had started to avoid.
He has mastered the self-feeding with a spoon and fork!
He loves to play with his brothers rather than jumping on them.
He doesn’t lunge his body in his car seat anymore.
Dr. Dale, I give all that ^^^^ credit to you and probably more that I am not even thinking of. We missed two weeks of adjustments trying to get things ready for a sudden deployment. Some of Dawson’s issues started coming back. We were able to see Dale on Friday and Dr. Dale got to witness the LOUD verbal toddler. That we had to hush in his office. Dawson loves getting adjusted and loves Dr. Dale!
You seriously couldn’t ask for better people than the staff at Marathon Chiropractic. (Fleming)

No more pain-filled sleepless nights

I lost sleep every night due to my lower back pain. At times I found myself waking up in excruciating pain and in tears because of it. As a dog bather, I am constantly hunched over, so work became torture for me. Sometimes I couldn’t even move one of my legs because I was in so much pain. I first started to see a Maximized Living chiropractor in Lakewood, Washington but since I moved to Clarksville I was referred to Dr. Dale. Since I started care with Dr. Dale last September I have no more sleepless nights and it’s rare I have any pain in my lower back when lying down. Also I have been able to do my job at work almost pain-free. I believe God has helped me heal and with getting adjusted, I’ve become pregnant for the third time and this one is the farthest I’ve gotten than my first two. I now have a beautiful little boy. I like to hear and read about how to live well and healthy. Dr. Dale doesn’t just adjust you; he encourages you to make changes to live a healthy lifestyle. (Christina C.)

Young girl's digestive issues cleared

My 4-year-old daughter Emica was only having painful bowel movements on average once a week since her first week of life. Usually two or three days before a bowel movement, she would have stomach aches which would cause severe pain and discomfort and no appetite. She was never prescribed any medicine for this problem besides fiber supplements by her doctor, who only saw her problem as normal childhood constipation, which did not work. I first heard about Marathon Chiropractic from my parents who have been under Dr. Dale’s care for the past year.  Within three months of my daughter receiving care from Dr. Dale, she had normal and almost everyday bowel movements with no pain. She is also sleeping better and has a healthy appetite. She also had her first bowel movement at school with no problems. The Maximized Living Five Essentials has proved that an ailment that you thought couldn’t be fixed can be so naturally and healthily resolved by regular adjustments. (Emica G.)

No more Christmas pneumonia for Crystal (or diabetes)

Crystal was once told by a physicians assistant (PA) that she would never be able to get off of her 3 diabetes medications (Glu-Control, Metformin & Januvia). Before starting Maximized Living her A1C level was 8.1 which is considered “uncontrolled” diabetes. Since getting adjusted by Dr. Dale, she has proven that PA wrong. Her A1C level has dropped from 8.1 to 6.8 in 6 months and now 5.4. With this radical improvement in her A1C her doctors eliminated 1 of her medications, Januvia. Another plus is she has lost 10 lbs.

Crystal has been getting pneumonia since birth, once a year around Christmas time. It became like a horrible Christmas gift for her. Since getting adjusted that gift has stopped. No more pneumonia since getting adjusted. (Crystal B.)

In pain for 25+ years

Before starting care I would wake up with back pain every morning since I was 16 years old. I am now 43 years old.  The back pain was a result of an auto accident I was in at 16 years old. I’ve never taken any pain medication, I would just deal with it. This is my first time ever going to a chiropractor; I met Dr. Dale at the Home & Garden Show. After getting adjusted about 6 times, I no longer have any back pain. It is wonderful to be able to move so freely now and no longer have to endure the pain. I was a little hesitant at first to get care but I am so happy I made that choice because the adjustments work and I am now pain-free! (Chris C.)

Lower back pain healed

Before starting care with Dr. Dale, my lower back hurt so bad. As a matter of fact, the pain radiated threw out my back and into my neck. The pain was so bad; I had to use a cane to walk. The more pain I was experiencing resulted in the more pain medication I took daily. My attention span was short and my attitude changed often. Since receiving care the pain in my back has subsided and I no longer have to use a cane to walk. I am also able to sleep better and longer. I would definitely recommend the Maximized Living system to others. I want people to know that the spine, in good condition, will give them a better quality of life. (Cheray L.)

Vietnam Veteran

It all started in 1969 when I was injured in the Vietnam War. The injury caused excruciating lower back pain and tingling in my legs. Since that time I have been on any and every pain medication I could get my hands on. There was no chance I was going to a chiropractor because I was scared that the adjustment would paralyze me. One day, my daughter invited me to “Dinner with the Doc” and that’s where I met Dr. Dale. There was something that said it was okay to trust him, so I did. After receiving care from Dr. Dale, I am now off ALL medications and I feel great! I am also finally able to work. Dr. Dale has changed my life!

If it wasn’t for Charles’ daughter bringing him to Supper to Save a Life, “Sir Richard” wouldn’t be where he’s at today. For over 43 years this man was suffering unnecessarily. How long does the message of Maximized Living need to stay a secret before those around you will know that they can heal through the POWER that God placed within them? (Charles H.)

Arthritis & Bursitis GONE

Carl has suffered for 6 years with arthritis in his right hand and 2 years with bursitis in his right shoulder. The bursitis was a constant pain but rarely did he take any pain medication and if he did it was something over the counter; the arthritis was just something he dealt with. Carl has been under care for 7 weeks and he is no longer suffering from bursitis and his arthritis has significantly subsisted. (Carl B.)

50 and Finally Free!

Rheumatoid Arthritis…that’s what my diagnosis was and I was only a sophomore in college and had just turned 18. I felt like my life was over and that I was going to end up in a wheelchair before I hit 25. There was also talk of Lupus and at that time the prognosis was not very promising. Everything I read said people died from Lupus. Nobody in my family had this, so why me? How did it happen? Where did it come from? The consensus was that it was triggered by me having strep throat twice within three months. I had stopped taking the antibiotics from student health because I felt better. The second go-round was truly awful.

So, in the middle of my sophomore year, I woke up one morning with both ankles swollen. They were about the size of grapefruits all the way around. They were hot to the touch and painful. My roommate took me home and my parents took me to the hospital on post. The first doctor I saw said I must have sprained my ankles because I was marching with the rifle team wearing combat boots. I hadn’t fallen or tripped and it was both ankles. He took no x-rays and didn’t even touch them. He was late for a meeting and left me with ACE bandages. I had no clue how to wrap my ankles. My father was livid! He found the doctor in his meeting, and let’s just say that doctor got quite a shock concerning his career. In the meantime, a specialist came in and said he was going to probably get in a lot of trouble but he was going to go over his captain’s head. He knew a rheumatologist upstairs and was going to get me in to see him. He was the first of three that have treated me over the years.

The summer of my sophomore year brought me home and the RA got worse. I ran fevers, lost a lot of weight and the pain was unbearable. By October I had suffered through three major attacks. That’s what I called them. I couldn’t move, I fell asleep mid-sentence, had no energy or appetite. My parents would have to do everything for me. They fed me, bathed me, took me to the bathroom, even turned me over in bed. I would get stuck turning over in my sleep. They would have to move my arms and legs for me while I sat. If I stayed in one place too long, I would get stiff and of course, it hurt so bad. I became depressed wondering when I would have another attack. I had no warning signs; I would just wake up one morning and be stiff and feverish.

I returned to school that Fall and managed to get through without having to be put in the hospital. That’s what the doctor threatened me with after that last attack in October. He wanted me to take the Ascriptin (aspirin + Maalox for Lupus & RA) he prescribed…eight to 16 pills a day and rest at least two hours a day. I was 18 and thought he was nuts. I tried to follow his orders and lied to him so I could stay at school. When I would have flare-ups, I just did the best I could. I had learned how to just suffer through because they weren’t like the attacks and I could keep moving once I got going.

Eventually, I ended up at Vanderbilt with the head of Rheumatology as my doctor. I had become somewhat of a medical mystery and my first doctor was being transferred. He wanted me to see the best. I participated in a drug study for several years. I never knew if I was taking the mystery drug or the placebo. Nothing changed with my RA and to this day, I believe I was taking aspirin because of the ringing in my ears…it was the same as when I took the Ascriptin.

Fast forward to my first marriage. It ended after seven years and part of it I attribute to my RA. He wanted children and I’d suffered a miscarriage. We had gone to a fertility doctor and found that I was allergic to his sperm, so they did an intrauterine insemination. It worked the first time, but I lost the baby during my first trimester. He couldn’t handle the uncertainty of the flare-ups and after making it through stage 4-B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma himself, he decided he’d had enough.

During the late 80s up until the present the doctors tried various medicines to ease my RA: Feldene (pain & swelling due to RA), Cortisone shots, Naprosyn (anti-inflammatory for RA), Plaquenil (for Lupus & RA – which caused vaginal ulcers), Arava (For RA – which caused my hair to fall out), and Methotrexate (for Lupus) to name a few. In the early 90s, I was diagnosed with asthma and I already knew I had allergies, but they had become severe. I also suffered frequent sinus infections. I began taking allergy shots; three injections twice a week. I was also using prescription allergy pills, two asthma inhalers, a nasal inhaler, and two eye drops. I was still using all those and taking shots once every six weeks when I started seeing Dr. Dale.

In the early and late 90s I added more diseases to my life: endometriosis, infertility, two more miscarriages with my second husband, and was hospitalized for a week with aseptic meningitis which caused me to miss three months of work. The meningitis left me with residual headaches and a neurologist to add to my doctor list. I took Neurontin (for nerve pain) and two other drugs that I can’t remember the names of. I also missed another six weeks of work because the meningitis came back and the neurologist gave me a new diagnosis: Mollarette’s Syndrome.

I was diagnosed with depression around 2002 and took Paxil for a little over a year and a half. I continued to have problems with my periods and had a hysterectomy in 2007. It was during the 2000s that I added a gastroenterologist to my list of doctors and a new diagnosis… GERD. The little purple pill, Nexium, became my best friend. Oh, I tried various other prescriptions and OTC drugs but Nexium was the only one that worked.

Sometime during the 2000s I developed high blood pressure and was put on Maxide for about a year and a half. I dropped some weight and was able to come off that pill. My third rheumatologist finally gave me a name for what happens to my hands when I get cold… Reynaud’s Syndrome. He also told me my blood work had several markers for Lupus. The Lupus is the cause of the skin problems I have when it flares up. I get the Butterfly Effect across my cheeks and nose and get huge red and painful erythema multiforme (a splotchy, itchy red rash). Oh, and my most current diagnosis for the RA/Lupus went from Undifferentiated Mixed Connective Disease to Differentiated Mixed Connective Disease! When he first told me that, I thought that he was joking!!

When I started seeing Dr. Dale, I was as I said taking allergy shots, two eye drops, Advair (for asthma), Albuterol (for asthma), Montelukast (a generic for something for my allergies that I took at night), Nexium, HCTZ (blood pressure went back up), Estradiol (sex hormone to help with reproductive organs), Methotrexate (for Lupus), Phentremine (an appetite suppressant), and Prednisone (steroid) when I had a flare up with the RA that was unbearable.

Thank God and thanks to Dr. Dale, I have never felt better!! I have experienced little to no arthritis pain (for the first time ever I was able to tell my rheumatologist that I was at a 0 out of 10 on the pain scale), the Lupus red spots don’t hurt/itch, the tinnitus in my ears is all but gone, I sleep better, my plantar fasciitis pain is all but gone and the burning has stopped when I walk a lot or stand for long periods of time, I walk differently (my left foot used to drag sometimes when I walked), and the best thing of all is I’m currently off all the medicine and life is so good! I can’t believe that at the age of 50 I finally feel free.

Angie J.

Skeptical Swimmer

I have to admit, when I came to the office with swimmer’s ear and you told me that an adjustment would help, I didn’t believe you. I’d been in pain since Sunday evening and having a strong history of swimmer’s ear, I knew a med doc visit was in the near future. I really thought I’d be calling my medical doctor for an appointment today for an antibiotic to fix the issue (that would eventually be followed up with another doc visit for a yeast infection). Ha!! Now after just one adjustment and a bit over 24 hours later, I’d say, I’m at least 75% better than I was this time yesterday! Looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully a full recovery!

Thank you!


I Was Reluctant, but Now I’m a Believer!!

By: Amy S.

On May 31, 2012, my husband, Walter, was in a car accident. Outside of initially being quite shaken, we thought nothing was really wrong. However, the aches in the back and neck soon set in. A few days later, Walt attended a seminar at Fort Campbell, where Dr. Dale Brown was speaking. Excited that maybe Dr. Brown could ease him of his pain, he asked that I go with him to get checked. He also thought Dr. Brown could ease my migraines as well. “No, you go ahead without me. Just let me know what you decide.” So Walt went, and found out that he did need care. The following week, Walt asked me again if I would go with him to view his x-rays. “Sure, whatever,” I responded thinking what was he getting himself into. We went. We saw x-rays. I listened, ready to shoot down anything I disagreed with. I wasn’t impressed. I was reluctant and a non-believer. As a nursing student, I thought that Dr. Dale was wrong and there was nothing that was going to change my mind.

A few months passed and Walt, who had been on Lisinopril (diabetes and hypertension) and Metformin (diabetes) was now off his meds and had dropped a few pounds. “Please go. Let’s get those headaches out of the way,” I again told him no. Sure, I was impressed with how Dr. Brown had helped Walt, but I really just didn’t think he could help me. I had been suffering from migraines since high school. As I got older, the headaches became more frequent. By the time I was pregnant with my 8th child, Uriah, headaches were occurring several times a week. I was given Hydrocodone (narcotic pain reliever) to keep them in check, but I was still getting headaches. By the time I was 8 months pregnant, I was taking Hydrocodone 3 times a day for pain. After a short time, it appeared that even this drug wasn’t working and I then was sent for an MRI to rule out any brain diseases; nothing was found. Shortly after, I was taken off the meds. Thank God I didn’t develop an addiction to the meds, but our little boy had trouble breathing at delivery. After a weeklong stay in the NICU, we brought our little one home, but it appeared he was still recovering from the drug I had used. As time passed, he appeared to get better, but later delays in speech and motor skills appeared and soon we had to employ the help of therapists for Uriah.

Even after all of this, I remained with the neurologist that I was seeing because I still was convinced that only medication could keep the migraines in check. I was soon on 4 different meds for the headaches; Phenergan (to help prevent migraines), Imitrex (for migraines), Relpax (for migraines), and Maxalt (to treat migraines). However, the meds made me groggy and often didn’t help with the pain. After about a year of this, I decided to go off of them on my own and quit seeing the neurologist.

More months passed. I often went to the office with Walt and watched while he had his adjustments. I talked to the staff and Dr. Brown, but there was no way I was ever going to be adjusted! I just wasn’t comfortable with what I was seeing or hearing or being touched for that matter.

Then, Thanksgiving night of 2012, not paying attention to where I was going, I ran into the front glass door of our oldest son’s apartment and broke my nose. The pain was unbelievable! More headaches followed the injury coupled with intense pain in my right eye that would water profusely. This would only happen when I would wake up in the morning, but not often enough that I was concerned. By Christmas it was pretty much part of my morning. Christmas morning, I woke with the intense pain and watering, but I was darn determined that I was going to put our little girl’s My Little Pony castle together. I was frustrated and angry, soon I was in tears. I told Walt that we really need to get something done about this issue. However, a few days later, when Walt asked me to go get adjusted, I once again refused.

Right before school had let out for Christmas, our son Adam woke up with a really bad cramp in his neck. He was in so much pain and I just really had no idea what to do. Walt asked me if I would let him take Adam to see Dr. Brown. I knew I didn’t want Adam to see his pediatrician because I feared Adam would be put on muscle relaxers and pain killers. Not something anyone should be on, especially a 10 year old! We all went to see Dr. Brown, where Adam was soon adjusted. I watched intensely, ready to grab my son and go at the first sign of harm. Instead of being hurt, Adam felt better instantly! Still, I wasn’t convinced that Dr. Brown could relieve my ailments.

By now it’s February and I attended the Resolve Advanced Workshop. I listened thinking there was some pretty good information offered but still wasn’t ready to get that first adjustment. I talked with Laura and Jaemi and even took a medical form home with me to fill out. I got home, put it on a shelf and walked away from it. At the same time, I began to have some chest pain, which really scared me. I visited the ER where a bunch of tests were done, but nothing was conclusive. I left with instructions to rest and a consultation to see a cardiologist. I honestly didn’t think I had anything to worry about. Heart disease doesn’t run in my family. I exercise pretty regularly, eat healthily and had shed about 145 pounds in the last two years. Nevertheless, I was scared and I began to think that Dr. Brown was the one I should see instead of this cardiologist. So that day, I filled out my paperwork, turned it in at the office and that was going to be it – for now anyway.

During this time, our son, Simon, was having issues with headaches and like his younger brother, Adam, had been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. Willingly, I let the boys see Dr. Brown for I was beginning to see the difference in the health of Adam and was hoping to see the same for Simon. Just maybe, I thought, this really could be beneficial to me, as well. I decided to go ahead and get those x-rays done and just get them out of the way. However, even after my husband and I talked to Dr. Brown about the x-rays and he suggested I be adjusted that day, there was no way I was ready for that to happen. He’s been really patient!

In March 2013, a migraine hit – a bad one. I called my husband and literally begged him to take me to see Dr. Brown. When we got to the office, I was terrified to go in. Walt went on in to get adjusted; I sat in the van in tears. Finally, I got the courage to go in. I was terrified of being adjusted. Walt stayed with me and Dr. Brown was very understanding. A tense as I was, the adjustment went well. However, I left with that headache. Dr. Brown asked that I take no meds and Jaemi suggested I drink ginger root tea to help with the inflammation. I went home to sleep, a little disappointed that I was still in pain, nearly convinced that I had been right all along. The next morning proved to be a different story! I woke up with no pain, no residual pain, and no groggy feeling that I had always experienced in the past. It was like I never had a headache in the first place! I had never gotten over a headache so fast before!

I was seeing the results I wanted, finally. I began to trust Dr. Brown. He asked us to bring the other children in because he wanted to help them. Honestly, I didn’t think that the other children needed adjustments, but at this point I was willing to give him a chance to work with our kids; maybe he’d see something I didn’t and get my kids healthy. I did know that Uriah had been diagnosed with a developmental delay, but after a couple of adjustments, Uriah’s teachers noticed that he was doing better in school; something must have just clicked with him, his teachers would say. I was amazed!

Now fast forward to the present (July 2013). I have no more morning eye pain and no more watery eye. Migraines are fewer and with adjustments, I get over them so much faster than I ever did with medications. Plus, as of this morning, I noticed I haven’t had any plantar fasciitis pain in a few months! I had ruptured the plantar fascia in my left foot a few years ago. I was told it was a chronic injury, given a year’s worth of a prescription ibuprofen, and I just had to learn to live with it. I soon quit taking that medication too because I saw no relief in taking it. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

So, it took about 9-10 months from the first time I walked through the doors of Marathon Chiropractic before I finally got my first adjustment. Our family does everything together: pray, play, eat, and get adjusted! I have seen a major reduction in headaches, sneezing (which I thought might be allergy related), fidgeting, and generally better health in all of us. The boys seem more focused and Uriah continues to improve academically. We eat healthier, feel better, and sleep well.

As for me, I was skeptical and afraid. Dr. Dale and his wonderful staff have been patient and understanding with me. I truly appreciate that, because they have been a Godsend to my family.

Thank you, Dr. Dale Brown, for turning our lives around. God bless you!

My Son Had a Seizure

By: Ashanti H.

I first came to Marathon Chiropractic when a family friend suggested it after my son had a seizure. there were no king of symptoms or anything that doctors could find that may have been the cause. I brought him in out of hope and after his first visit, I noticed changes. Not only has he had no seizures since, his heart rate & breathing, which I was silently worrying about, improved. In the little time we’ve been here me and my family have learned so much about the true meaning of being healthy. I am truly grateful for Dr. Dale!

My Family is Free!

By: Jaemi S.

Our journey to health started in May of 2012. My husband met Dr. Dale through our local radio station. He was discharged from the Army in 2005 with Crohn’s Disease. We were told that this was something he would have for the rest of his life, to be prepared to wear a colostomy bag because he was going to have to wear one and to be prepared to fight colon cancer. There was no way that at his age he wouldn’t have to. He was taking Budesonide (a steroid for the inflammation in his colon and intestines), Azathioprine (a chemotherapy drug to suppress his immune system), Vitamin D, and a drug for acid reflux.

After listening to Dr. Dale and hearing what he had to say about stomach issues and the nervous system, we knew we had to do something different. After going to view my husband’s x-rays, we learned that the lower part of the spine is the area that is related to the stomach, intestines, colon, etc. My husband herniated a disc in his lower back while he was deployed in Iraq, and not long after started to develop the Crohn’s Disease symptoms. My husband started care with Dr. Dale and we started to notice a significant improvement in his health.

Seeing these improvements, we knew that our entire family needed care. I’ve had migraine headaches my entire life. After starting care, they improved dramatically. Our sons have both dealt with allergies all their lives. My oldest son was diagnosed with his first ear infection at 2 months old and was given antibiotics. After that, we did a round of antibiotics every month until he was 3 years old. At three, the doctors wanted to put tubes in his ears. Before we did that we saw a specialist who told us that he just had fluid behind his ears because of the allergies. She put him on a Flonase (a steroid nasal spray) and Zyrtec (a prescription allergy medicine). When our youngest son was born, the doctor told us to use Claritin (a prescription allergy medicine) when he needed, but we had to watch his cough that developed because it could turn into asthma. When we brought our boys to see Dr. Dale our youngest son was dealing severely with his allergies. He had dark circles under his eyes, he coughed throughout the night, his nose constantly ran, and he was generally miserable. After his first adjustment, he slept the night without coughing, the dark circles cleared up and his nose quit running. My oldest son, who had sneezed at least once every day since he was born has quit sneezing, his nose doesn’t run or bleed (the Flonase he took for 2 years started causing his nose to bleed as soon as we used it each night, so we stopped giving it to him).

As we have continued to get adjusted and have implemented the other 5 Essentials (Maximized Mind, Maximized Nerve Supply, Maximized Quality Nutrition, Maximized Lean Muscle & Oxygen, and Minimized Toxicity), we have seen our health continue to improve. My husband has none of the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease, has been completely off all of his medications since September of 2012, and lost a total of 85 pounds since January of last year. We have gotten rid of all medications in our house because we don’t deal with sickness anymore. We are taking care of our spines and making sure the rest of our bodies are being taken care of as well!!

I know that we have changed the course of our family’s health legacy and that my boys will remain healthy through the rest of their lives because they are learning what to do now instead of having to wait until they are sick and broken to start the journey to health.